The Hein Wagner Academy,  THE ART OF BLINDNESS online shop presents exquisite South African art, curated by Red! Gala for Good.

All proceeds are used to fund an Innovative world first training program that will allow visually impaired students to become specialists in the cyber security field.

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  • A long way home

    Junior Fungai

    Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120cm

  • A Memory of you

    An oil painting of what appears to be white and hints of soft pink roses set in green subtle dripping streaks

  • A moment in Time

    Paul Munro

    Oil on canvas 107 x 77cm

  • African Wildlife

    Sam Rankin

    Oil on Canvas 100 x 150cm

  • Awaiting your Arrival

    Junior Fungai

    Acrylic on canvas 150 x 120cm

  • Bird man

    An abstract image of a naked person standing with head tilted and hands stretched out wide in color blocks of orange and dusty colors with a big bird above in shades of blue

  • Bo Kaap Jazz

    Selwin Pekeur

    Oil on canvas 100 x 130cm

  • Bruce Lee

    Koos de Wet

    Mixed media on canvas 150 x 170cm

  • Candle Lit

    Wakaba Mutheki

    oil on canvas 100 x 70 cm

  • Circle of Life

    An image of a strong horned South African deer drinking from a waters edge with small birds sitting on it

  • Company Gardens by Derric Van Rensburg artpiece

    Company Gardens Acrylic on canvas 30 x 42 cm

    Derric Van Rensburg

  • Deep Purple

    A beautiful cluster of purple powdered flowers purple with hints of green shadings between them set in a cloudlike background


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