Stag weapon are known for their unique buyer connections and return/exchange procedures

Stag weapon are known for their unique buyer connections and return/exchange procedures

Client Service

Stag Arms are notable for their particular client connections and return/exchange policies. Empty equipment is often came back within fifteen days of her birth. Also, the company’s support services division is included in standby to respond to go back demands.

As one user on Reddit is rapid to point out, a€?Staga€™s gun include some sort of top [in price] than core15 nevertheless render truly high grade client care and warranty. They can justify the cask with an a€?infinitea€™ chance warranty which we understand are not possible so they really are very much declaring should you decide shoot out the rifling we will furnish you with an innovative new cask.

a€?While stag weapon featuresna€™t started making comprehensive guns provided various other major firms they have been supplying factory elements to several biggest businesses rumored that include Colt, FN, and S&W as well as a lot more!a€?

Clearly, not everyone has got the the exact same knowledge about a maker and Stag weapon is no exclusion. Someplace else on Reddit, a person received this to say about their own event getting from Stag: a€?I placed your order with Stag Arms over 8 weeks in the past, the transaction is still listed (on staga€™s page) as, a€?awaiting pleasure.a€™

a€?I am sure Stag has experienced some internal problems and Ia€™m starting to speculate when this organization is going to turned off and keep the moneya€¦I used their unique, a€?contact usa€™ site on the internet site and obtained zero reply, also known as support service and was explained these people were focusing on completing simple order (14 days ago).a€?

A person giving an answer to this document echoed the sentiment, mentioning, a€?I became a type 2 manager four weeks agoa€¦I approached support service because i believe my favorite top look is a touch tendency and discover when they can put it back nonetheless they getna€™t emailed me back once again.a€?

However, it will probably be worth finding these types of cellphone owner ideas are posted to Reddit 11 weeks before once the team was at a situation of transition. Therefore that common, feedback happened to be broken down with one customer replying, a€?I bought a barrela€¦3 weeks hence and that I first got it within per week while the site claimed it actually was seeing grab per month.a€?

So far as incentives are involved, Stag requests people can be expected a 2-3 month making duration before concessions were given.


Probably responding to some of the buyers grievances regarding long lag occasion on orders, Stag is presently advertising his or her Speedy send webpage in a slideshow on their own website.

Do not forget, but that does not all their items are found of the Easy vessel web page. But individuals that happen to be send within two business days. Consumers are encouraged to punch within the coupon code QUICKLY over here AND liberated to instantly acquire free shipping at checkout.

Quick Ship products add in their particular building firms models and so the Stag 10 Upper/Lower Combo.

Stag Arms Specials

Stag weapon once in a while provide their clients specials. Since May was state capturing recreations thirty day period, they’re currently supplying buyers a 20per cent off low cost on all non-sale products. In addition they create United states Summer Giveaways which are well worth everything $2,200.

Stag Arms bonus coupon codes are also offered through numerous web sites. Hotdeals provide a 60percent off Stag hands discount signal for May 2017. Normally, the more characteristic assortment are 10% or twenty percent like in the case of Offersa€™s 20 percent off laws for AR-15 greater halves.

Stag Arms Fame

Stag Arms get garnered a good neighborhood rep with a lot of clientele offering them a four-star review and numerous website postings bragging regarding their close products and superior customer support.

One community forum member uploaded a bond asking other members forever rationale to not ever get an AR-15 from Stag weapon and the feedback were almost unanimous in favor of producer.

    Though some advised there happened to be a€?bettera€? alternatives available, almost every poster got an advocate of Stag with one user creating, a€?Very satisfied with my stag life rifle. I managed to get they utilized and previously registered they when it comes to lifetime guarantee which can be nowadays transferable to next owners also.a€?

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